Monday, January 25, 2016

Auto Service And Maintenance Tips Escondido CA

Basic tips for Car maintenance

Preventive maintenance is needed for your vehicle to work optimally. The auto service and maintenance schedule of your vehicle can be checked in the owner’s manual and can help you to keep your vehicle in top shape. We have listed top car maintenance tips for you, that you can perform and if you have any issues you can go to car shops Escondido CA.  You can also call the ASCCA for references. 


Engine Oil

Engine is made of large number of moving parts namely pistons, crankshaft, valves and camshaft etc. Engine oil works as a lubricant and reduces the wear and tear due to friction when the parts move against each other. Engine oil also absorbs heat produced in the engine combustion chambers and piston under crown area and cools it. The oil acts as a sealant and rust inhibitor as well. To avoid auto repair follow these tips:

  • ·         Change the engine oil regularly irrespective of the vehicle’s age.
  • ·         Use the top up oil with correct grade recommended by the manufacturer.
  • ·         Do not exceed the recommended level while topping up oil.

If you have any oil related problems you can consult your owners’ manual or contact the local automotive repair shop.


Tire Care

For maintaining the vehicle safety, tire care is essential. The tires must be checked regularly and before going for any long driving trips. Well maintained tires improve fuel economy, extend the life of tires and improve safety of vehicle.

  • ·         The tire inflation must be checked every two weeks and you can find the recommended pressure in owner’s manual.
  • ·         If the tires have abnormal wear patterns it indicates problem with wheel alignment or suspension.
  • ·         If there is vibration in the steering the tires may require balancing.
  • ·         The tires must have a minimum 1.6 mm tread depth.

You can take your vehicle to any car shops for getting the tires checked.


Power steering fluid

The power steering fluid also has to be checked regularly and should be filled to capacity.

  • ·         It can be checked via reservoir. The owner’s manual specifies the exact location of reservoir in your vehicle.
  • ·         The oil recommended for your vehicle must be used.
  • ·         Do not over fill the reservoir.
  • ·         If the power steering fluid requires regular refilling contact the auto repair shop for advice.


Car Battery

The car battery is key component of a car’s electrical system and one of the main causes of vehicle’s breakdown. To ensure the proper functioning of battery follow these steps:
  • ·         The battery terminals must be checked regularly to ensure they are clean and tight.
  • ·         The electrolyte level must be correct and use distilled water to top up. Many new batteries are maintenance free and do not need topping up.
  • ·         The battery must be secure.


Lights and electrical components

Lights are very important for vehicle safety and need to be checked regularly. Electrical components such as horns and window demisters have to be checked if working properly on regular basis. Use recommended globes in your cars that deliver proper light.
Vehicle cooling System
The cooling system of your vehicle is vital for the operation of your vehicle. The hot summers and driving at freeway speeds puts a lot of stress on the vehicle’s cooling system. To maintain your vehicle’s cooling system basic checks are needed.
  • ·         Inspect the cooling system only when the engine is cold. You should never remove the radiator cap when the engine is hot
  • ·         The coolant level must be checked regularly.
  • ·         Use the coolant recommended for your vehicle that can be found in owner’s manual.
  • ·         If the cooling system requires regular refilling it may indicate leakage in the system and you may need to take your vehicle to automotive repair shop.



Brakes are vital component of your car. If the performance and condition of the brakes is poor it can result in longer braking distances and may place you and your passengers in danger.
  • ·         If there is a squealing sound from the brakes, grinding on the rotors or unusual vibrations it means the brakes need to be replaced.
  • ·         Poor brake performance also indicates the worn brakes.
  • ·         The brake fluid must be full and you must use recommended brake fluid for your vehicle.



The transmission works must be performed by the expert technicians and mechanics. You can follow these tips to ensure your car’s transmission operates correctly:
  • ·         The transmission fluid level must be filled to correct level and you can find the details on checking levels in owner’s manual.
  • ·         Fluids should not be discolored or burnt.
  • ·         The correct oil type must be used for your car.



The suspension components must be maintained for vehicle safety. If the suspension components are worn they can increase the stopping distance by 20 %. A properly functioning suspension ensures a comfortable ride for passengers.
  • ·         Check the suspension components regularly for any signs of physical damage or excess wear.
  • ·         Also check the shock absorbers for fluid leaks.
  • ·         The suspension may be checked for any abnormalities while driving such as steering wheel vibrations or nose diving when stopping.

Avoid These Car Maintenance Mistakes

1) Auto Service And Maintenance in Escondido CA, or anywhere for that matter, is very important.  However do not service your vehicle without knowing the proper know how. These days the cars are computerized and have various sensors to regulate idle speed, spark plugs, fuel injectors etc. If something goes wrong the check engine light will alert you. As the system may be complicated it is better to take the system to auto repair shop and let a professional technician handle it.

2) If the filters are not cleaned regularly it can result in poor gas mileage, engine issues and wearing out of system components. So clean the filters regularly for optimal performance of your vehicle. Clean filters will prevent dirt particles or contaminants from entering the vehicle’s fuel/engine/air conditioning system.

3) Do not use the home glass cleaner to clean the rear windshield. Most of the glass cleaners we use Ammonia as a chief cleaning agent. Ammonia breaks down the heating elements in the rear windshield over time. It is better to use window cleaner designed for automotive glass.

It is true that maintaining the car requires time and efforts and involves cost too. However a well maintained car will help you prevent any major repair costs and you will avoid getting stuck on the side of the road due to car breakdowns.